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Titan Devastator ACL PRO Approved Toss Bags - Set of 4

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The devastator is one of the most hole friendly bags you will ever hold. Not only is it an extremely playable bag, but it also breaks in better than the average bag. The slow side is great for strategic placement for block shots, setup shots, and landing on the board for those crucial single point shots, and the fast side is perfect for pushing, splitting bags, threading the needle, and those tricky shots when you need to sneak past your opponent’s bag when it’s partially in the hole. Even though the devastator is an extremely deadly bag in the hands of a pro, it’s also a great bag for up and coming players to learn the strategy of different styles of shots. The devastator can be played by players who throw a straight, fast bag and also those who throw a high loft shot.

ACL Approved:
PRO Stamp
Control Grid:
String Tote Included:
Power Grip Pellets (All Weather)
Tight Basketweave/Grid Weave
Skill Level:
Competitive, Advanced, Pro
Toss bags have a 90 day warranty at the seam beginning on delivery date. Material punctures, snags, frays or other damages are deemed user-error or general wear and tear. Washing and boiling bags will void your warranty. You must be able to provide original proof of purchase to claim warranty. Warranty DOES NOT transfer from reseller of rafflers!

89 Reviews

  • 5
    Titan Devastator

    Posted by James Serrano on Aug 5th 2022

    Bags are silky smooth and melt in the hole right out of the package. I liked these bags so much I bought them twice. Can't wait to try out the rest of the Titan bag collection.

  • 4

    Posted by Gig Wailgum on Jul 1st 2022

    These were pretty good right out of the box. Still a bit on the firm side of things but after a few more outings these should flop and melt into the hole.

  • 5

    Posted by Doug on Apr 22nd 2022

    Great bag! Love the feel and the way it plays. Will be adding more Titan bags to my collection

  • 5
    Titan Devastator bags

    Posted by Shane White on Apr 6th 2022

    Performed as advertised. Nice and floppy out of the box. Not even broken in well yet and are very hole friendly. Very nice bags.

  • 5
    Aggressive Bags

    Posted by S Richardson on Mar 30th 2022

    These bags are made to go for the hole. Experienced players will be able to punish opponents by using the varied sides to finesse the board state. Great bags

  • 5

    Posted by Gustavo on Mar 22nd 2022

    Great bags over the past couple of years I’ve purchased just about every bag I can find. But I must say these bags feel great in the hand the speed on one side is great and the control with the other end no matter how you throw these bags there going in super hole friendly and if by any chance it’s hanging on the edge trust me it will creep in by its self. By far best bags I’ve thrown great feel and just great all around

  • 5
    Cornhole bags

    Posted by Dylan on Feb 1st 2022

    Just recieved these in the mail they're nice and broke in already. Haven't had the chance to throw these yet but really looking forward to it.

  • 5
    These are awesome

    Posted by Allen Petrowich on Dec 24th 2021

    Absolutely love these bags. Threw mine in a blind draw when my partner landed one next to the hole. I told him, that’s going in. Two bags later that bag melted in the hole. Not even fully broken in and these are insanely hole friendly. Not to mention my partner offered to buy them after throwing them 1 game.

  • 5
    Titan Devastators

    Posted by Steve B Tuttle on Dec 20th 2021

    I haven't got the chance to really throw them yet, but tossed them in the living room a few times (15 feet or so). They feel real good and I'm sure they will be great when I get the chance to throw them in regulation distance.