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2021/2022 Team Titan Sponsored Players

2021/2022 Team Titan Sponsored Players

Posted by -Your Mom on Oct 15th 2021

Howdy y’all!

We are so excited to announce Team Titan to you. We believe in these 13 players and can’t wait to see what they do this year. Let’s meet them!

Dawn Rogers is our first women’s sign up! She hails from Olmsted, OH and finished in 2nd Women’s in Ohio last year. On top of that, she was one of eight pros selected to compete in the very first Pro and celebrity charity event that was held in LA.

Mike Bechtel is from Clinton, OH and has been playing in the ACL since it was formed. He ranks in the top half of singles and doubles every year and is an ACL director in Ohio! Go check out one of his events if you’re in the state.

Steven Bernacet is representing the great state of Indiana. He won the Singles National Championship in Kansas by sinking 27 bags in a row. He plays in doubles with Tom Gustafson and they’re hoping to bring home the title this year.

Tom Gustafson, also known as Reverse Mamba, is representing Indiana. He plans to crack the top 20 in Singles and win the Nationals with Bernacet. He’s known as the Reverse Mamba for his counter-clockwise spin—a rarity for a right-hander. Check out his signature Venoms on our site.

Drew Brown comes from Ohio, but is now residing and representing Georgia. His drive for winning comes from being a former baseball player. After deciding to move closer to home, Brown kept up his competitive spirit by getting into cornhole. Check him out on TikTok @realdrewbrown and his signature boards on our site!

Glen “Bones” Gundle is representing Georgia and throwing doubles with Drew Brown! He’s been an ACL pro for several years. On top of throwing doubles, he will also be playing in the Senior division.

Nico Mireles is from Seneca, Illinois. This is his first year as an ACL pro and he went 7-1 in the Rock Hill Qualifier!

Joe Kniesteadt comes from Grand Blanc, Michigan. He’ll be throwing doubles with Nico and is known for his airmail. He’s been playing since he was 6 and is currently throwing our Devastators, keep an eye out for this new team!

Tucker Stills is a native Georgian and this is his second year as a pro in the ACL. He’ll be throwing doubles with Hunter Yaklin.

Hunter Yaklin is also a native Georgian and will be throwing with Stills. It’s his first year in the ACL, but watch out, he’s made it to ESPN 4 times and won the conference championship at World’s last year.

Byron Sisson is representing Georgia and has been playing for several years in the ACL. He’s been playing cornhole for about 10 years. He’s been playing competitive cornhole for about 2 years though. We’re excited to see what he does this season.

Bruce Hawkins hails from the state of Georgia and, on top of being a badass cornhole player, works at West Georgia Cornhole/Titan Bags as our Quality Control & Shipping Manager.

Last but not least, Ken Allen is representing Ohio. He started out in the American Cornhole Organization but moved to the American Cornhole League 3 years ago, totaling 11 years as a competitive and professional cornhole player. He has placed in the top 3 around the country in different tournaments and placed in 3rd at his first ACL Nationals with his partner.

Welcome to Team Titan! We’re so stoked to be following and supporting these folks this season.