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Limited Titan Dart - Patriot - ACL PRO Approved Toss Bags - Set of 4

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  • Titan Cornhole Bag Pouch
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
5 units

The Dart – where precision meets performance! Crafted with innovation in mind, the Dart is set to revolutionize your cornhole game.

The Dart boasts a cutting-edge combination of materials tailored to enhance your gameplay like never before. On one side, experience the action of a tight-knit fabric engineered for speed. With an initial speed rating of 8, this side offers unmatched velocity, ensuring your throws glide effortlessly towards the target. As it breaks in, watch as its pace mellows slightly, granting just the right amount of control for those crucial shots.

But that's not all – flip the Dart over, and you'll discover its secret weapon: the Hybrid carpet side. Engineered for versatility, this side offers a playing experience akin to a 5 speed, adapting seamlessly to varying conditions for consistent performance every time. Its unique blend of materials strikes the perfect balance between slip and grip, allowing you to finesse your shots with unparalleled accuracy.

What truly sets the Dart apart is its remarkable forgiveness. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this bag's drippy nature ensures that even near misses have a tendency to find their mark. With the Dart in your arsenal, every toss becomes an opportunity, every shot a potential game-changer.

But wait, there's more to the Dart's game-changing design! Embedded within its core are specially engineered resin pellets, crafted to take your gameplay to the next level. These smaller pellets not only enhance the bag's drip factor but also deliver an unmatched hand feel that sets it apart from the competition. With every toss, you'll feel the difference as the Dart's resin pellets provide just the right amount of weight and consistency, allowing for precise control and effortless execution. – where innovation meets excellence, one throw at a time.

ACL Approved:
PRO Stamp
Control Grid:
String Tote Included:
Power Grip Pellets
Tight Knit/ Hybrid Carpet
Skill Level:
Competitive, Advanced, Pro
Fabric Speeds:
Toss bags have a 90 day warranty at the seam beginning on delivery date. Material punctures, snags, frays or other damages are deemed user-error or general wear and tear. Washing and boiling bags will void your warranty. You must be able to provide original proof of purchase to claim warranty. Warranty DOES NOT transfer from reseller of rafflers!